La prima Maratona di Lindy Hop è giunta alla sua seconda edizione!

24 ore di Lindy Hop in 3 giorni consecutivi: 29 – 30 NOVEMBRE e 1 dicembre 2019.
Posti limitati a 250 ballerini. Leaders e followers saranno bilanciati (stesso numero di ballerini).

Le iscrizioni sono aperte:

TLM or Turin Lindy Marathon is the first lindy hop marathon in Turin. No workshops, only dance. 24 hours of swing spanning over three days:

  • November 29th (evening)
  • November 30th (afternoon and evening)
  • December 1st (afternoon)

Each day a different, sensational swing band will play live as well as various upbeat DJs!
The marathon will take place on the Fortino’s magnificent 500mq hardwood dance floor in Turin and if you want to get involved, take part in our fun competitions!

There will be a continuous, energizing buffet (drinks, sweet and savory high quality snacks) to keep dancers going during these 3 intense days of dance!